Rücken und Beine Flexibility/Contortion Workshops

Delía Studio | 06., 07. und 13. August 2018 - 19:00 Uhr

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3 hot flexibility Workshops are waiting for you this Summer!!!!!


We all know in pole dance flexibility has an important part. Splits and backbends can make your life easier or harder on the pole. This is why we offer 3 very special Workshops with a lot of unique exercises and tipps for you to get you splits and backbends as quick as possible with no unjuries or pain.


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Montag 06.08.2018
19:00 – 21:30 Uhr Leg Flexibility Training 180 min – 40,-€ p.P. (all Levels)

Dienstag 07.08.2018
19:00 – 21:30 Uhr Back Flexibility Training 180 min – 40,-€ p.P. (all Levels)

Montag 13.08.2018
19:00 – 21:30 Uhr Leg Flexibility Training 180 min – 40,-€ p.P. (all Levels)


Detaillierte Infos zu den Kursen


1. LEG FLEXIBILITY TRAINING with Anamaria 180 min – 40,-€
A 2,5 hour program, specially designed to teach you simple, effective exercises to increase flexibility. This plan will help you improve flexibility in your splits, as well as active flexibility to gain more stability and control of your flexibility while in the air or upside down (on the pole).

- 7 Rules of Flexibility
- Description – how to approach the training and make it extremly beneficial
- Warmp up
- Passive stretches
- Active flexibility exercises
- Toe point exercises

This back flexibility training plan covers up warm up, hip openers, stretches for shoulders and back and active flexibility exercises. Is extremly important doing the program first with a trainer, so you can understand what to engage and what to relax, so you can be leaded to a very improved and virtually pain free backbend.

- 7 Rules of flexibility
- Description – Important notes about backbending
- Shoulder and back stretches
- Endurance exercises
- Post back-bending conditioning and cool down stretches