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Evgeny Greshilov

Beine und Rücken Flexibility mit Anamaria

Olga Spezia

Marion Crampe

Felix Cane

Kira Noire

Britt Blöm


Conny Aitzetmüller

Doris Arnold

Anastasia Skukhtorova

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9. November 2018

Evgeny Greshilov

Evgeny Greshilov is a russian pole dance & fitness artist, founder and co-owner online school Open Dance Academy. He had been working as an aerial performer, dancer and choreographer over 10 years, currently traveling around the world, doing workshops, showcases and judging pole championships. Evgeny has been working as a pole videographer & photographer since 2013.
30. Juli 2018

Rücken und Beine Flexibility/Contortion Workshops

We all know in pole dance flexibility has an important part. Splits and backbends can make your life easier or harder on the pole. This is why we offer 3 very special Workshops with a lot of unique exercises and tipps for you to get you splits and backbends as quick as possible with no unjuries or pain.
12. Februar 2018

Olga Spezia

Olga Spezia is professional Pole Dance and Exotic Pole Dance teacher, winner and finalist of numerous pole competitions. Olga was born in Russia, but she is living in Greece. She started with pole dance in 2012 and in less than a year became pole instructor. Olga is very patient and encouraging teacher, she gives a lot of attention to each student in the class. Olga specializes in Russian Exotic style, Strip Plastique & Floorwork. Olga`s pole style is flowy, sexy and elegant in the same time, her routines contain plenty acro tricks, floorwork and hair flips - and all these she will be glad to teach you.
25. Oktober 2017

Marion Crampe

Often described as the "Pole Fairy”, a name that you will understand completely once you meet her. Her classes are uplifting, empowering and make people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. She is a firm believer that everyone is different, everyone will tell a different story with their body and dancing. She embraces and develops this diversity in her classes.